Monday, July 30, 2012

Reuse, reduce, recycle

Recycling a familiar layout, this time with a considerably better picture... Nothing new to say about it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

In the WIP basket

It took three weeks of internal debate before I had the nerve to open my wallet for this skein… So expensive. But sooo beautiful! First attempt at knitting 100% pure silk. The pattern is an easy going one, I can actually knit this lace while talking to people. Track progress and view details on Ravelry.

Now this one, though... It has tought me the difference between lace knitting and knitted lace. I'm telling you, this one's tricky. This is definitely not a bring-along project, it's a sit-at-home-in-deep-concentration project... But just look at the delicate result! Track the (most likely slow) progress and view details on Ravelry.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too late to take a new picture now!

Yikes. I had a photo day when I shot this, apparently. I really should have spotted this before I delivered the card. Well, the card isn't too bad though, despite what you might think when looking at this. You can just about make out the embossed white paper there - it says "love" and "forever" in various scripts. The seemingly grey paper is actually a shiny silver, and I've spritzed the card with Glimmermist so the whole thing shines. I put the name of the bride and groom on the inside on this one, but didn't get a picture of it...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sugary sweet

This is probably the only time I can get away with such a sugary sweet pastel card! But hey, she's only one year old, so there's no problem this time. :) Simple stuff really, I've let the pattern paper do most of the talking. Some flowers, baker's twine, washi tape and flat-backed pearls create the pastel details.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Maile baby jacket

This one was for a friend's baby girl. It didn't take long - baby clothes are usually nice that way. :) Nice easy lace pattern to keep my interest going.

The assemby method is tricky due to no bound off stitches under the arms - but I decided to use two circular needles (the same technique I use for small circumference projects, like sleeves or socks) and that made it all quite easy after all. Each needle went from the middle of one sleeve, across the front or back, to the middle of the other sleeve.

Yarn held double except all garter stitch borders (to make sure I didn’t run out of this particular painted pink-brown-white colourway, which is no longer made). The painted yarn looks kind of dirty when knitted on its own, but when mixed with the white yarn the balance was perfect.

I soon realised that this yarn combo would make the jacket larger than 3 months, which is just fine, babies grow so fast anyway. I just added a few cm of length to the body and sleeves before starting the raglan to keep the proportions right.

Details on my Ravelry page.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smart phone cozy

Just a tiny little project to warm up, since it's been sooo long since my last post. I've got a few unpublished cards that will make their way in here eventually, and another (big) knitting project that's in its finishing stage as I write.

I specifically chose a yarn that doesn't shed much - Ella Rae Lace Merino. Too pretty a yarn to spend on such an ordinary project perhaps? Oh well. I splurged on the phone, it deserves a luxurious home. :P
The label says 3,5mm needles are recommended. I cast on 2x22st on 2,5mm needles using Judy’s magic cast on, keeping the gauge fairly tight. Decreased 4+4sts in second half of ribbing. The phone doesn’t slip out by accident now, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have decreased another 2-4sts in case the ribbing in the turtleneck gets a bit looser with use. Good excuse to make another one? I want to make a TARDIS cozy next. :) Ravelry link.