Sunday, February 21, 2010

New food addiction: homemade crispbread

My latest addiction in the cooking department is crispbread! Homemade, delicious, crunchy, healthy, addictive crispbread. ;) So easy to make, so good to eat. Since I got the recipe just after christmas, I've made them nearly ten times... They just don't last long in this house. ;) And since five people have already requested a copy of the recipe, I figured I might just make a blog post about them!
The recipe is incredibly easy to memorize, but requires a quite a few ingredients:
2 dl coarsely ground whole rye flour
2 dl oats
2 dl oat bran
2 dl wheat bran
2 dl sesame seeds
2 dl sunflower seeds
2 dl pumpkin seeds
1 dl flax seeds
7-8 dl water
It's a fairly flexible recipe - if you're short on something, just compensate with the other ingredients, or replace with other things, for example coarsely ground whole wheat flour, chopped pumpkin seeds or other suitable ingredients. Adjust to taste!
- Pat the mixture onto baking sheets using a spatula or even your hands. I strongly recommend using multi-use teflon baking sheets, they make everything so much easier! The recipe makes almost three pans of crisp bread. Score lightly with spatula to make it easier to break them apart later. You might see in the picture above that near the edge I haven't as much scored, as made a little gap - I've found that this prevents the edges of the crispbread from curling up too much.
Bake on 160 degrees Celcius for 30-40 minutes using your oven's hot air fan. The crisp breads are sensitive to temperature and moisture balance, so keep an eye on them and adjust baking time as needed. The last pans typically needs a few minutes less than the first, as some of the water has evaporated and been absorbed.
The crispbread keeps for a long time - not that it ever needs to. Mine disappears in a week or two. ;) I keep it in paper bags or just in a box without a lid, but for longer periods of time perhaps an air-tight container is better.
Enjoy as is, or with a little bit of good butter. Trust me, you'll love them!


  1. Det ser utrolig godt ut. Jeg gleder meg til å teste oppskriften din :)

  2. Der noogle ist meine klompfeld!

  3. I found that I needed to klompfeld my noogles six to 7 times for best consistency. Using wholewheat klompfelds helped considerably.


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