Friday, February 12, 2010

Yellow baby card 3/3

The last of the three yellow baby cards commissioned by a colleague differs quite a bit from the other two. Not in a bad way, I hope. ;) Except from the baby bear charm there's not a lot in this card that screams new baby... But it should be fairly obvious when the card and gift is given anyway, and I quite like this understated version also. It's all in the details. Right? ;)
The bottom mat is hand made structured paper with yellow flower leaves embedded in the pulp. I've sprayed it with Glimmermist Sunflower and Tiger Lily in the center to get a richer feel. White and yellow paper flowers in layers finished with a yellow bling brad and baby bear charm is the center focal point. Again the Glimmermist enhances the colours, and lastly the whole thing has been lightly showered with Glimmermist Pearl. (Got enough glimmer now, Eva?) The top part looked a little bare after the run-on sentiments came on, and it seemed the perfect spot to put some really old sun-shaped eyelets from my stash!

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