Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tsumami kanzashi prototype

My mother asked me to find some ideas for a brooch that could be worn to identify her and her collegues during the convention they're arranging this spring. Finally I've got a chance to get some kanzashi flowers done! I've been looking for an excuse for ages now. When the idea struck I whipped up this prototype in a hurry so I could e-mail her the suggestion right away. I had several other ideas using paper, yarn or felt, but this is by far my absolute favourite! I wish I wish I wish they'll choose this one! :)
If you're not familiar with the concept of tsumami kanzashi, here's the Wikipedia definition. In short, kanzashi is the Japanese hair ornaments nowadays worn mostly by geishas and meikos (apprentice geishas). The subtype tsumami is defined by being created from folded fabric. This flower consists of nine individually folded petals, strung together and secured with sewing thread, plus two buttons as the center ornament.
I was in such a hurry that the glue hadn't even dried when I shot these photos. You can even see it in the green button... I was just so excited! :) The final flower will probably be made in warm yellow fabrics to resemble a sunflower, as requested.
The reverse side has a safety pin attatched by a strip of fabric pulled through a slit in the cardboard and fabric backing piece. It's been very crudely done, but it was just to demonstrate the concept. I doubt I'll use this particular flower much anyway - it was made only as a prototype and needs some overall improvements. I want to go and buy sunflower fabric. NOW. :)

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