Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally, something paper related!

I'm a day late posting this card I'm afraid, but I spent the better part of yesterday evening in heated battle with my Gmail account, which refused to load properly. The urge to scream and throw the computer at a wall was almost more than I could resist! The problem has so far proved to be unsolvable and that really annoys me. Computers, who needs them, right? ;)
But on to the show! I've made a retro card for a colleague, who's going to a 60s party. I tried to find something in my stash that could look like it came from the 60s - no luck. This is as close as I could get, and it's not looking quite right. This kind of retro just isn't me I guess... Well, better luck next time. I've got another card lined up for posting later this week and that one is much more my style. ;)

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