Friday, January 22, 2010

Believe in yourself

"Magic is to believe in yourself. If you do that, you can make anything happen. -Goethe"
One of my mother's colleagues is leaving to go back to school. She's getting herself a new profession, something most of us don't do as adults. I know I'd be pretty scared if I quit my job! So in her honor, this card features a great inspirational quote and a stack of books.
I've dug into my spanking new MME Wild Asparagus paper pad! Thanks, Krissie! :D And found this great K&Co tag to go with it. These colours are so much more my style than the retro card I did earlier this week. :)


  1. Så fint det ble! :D
    Dette var litt mer "deg", ja... ;)
    Er den fine spenna fra den fine boksen du kjøpte i Sandnes?

  2. Det er det ja! Jeg er såååå glad for at jeg kjøpte den altså. :D


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