Thursday, June 27, 2013

A little baby girl

That leafy, vein-y, white thingy there was floating around my desk for weeks, trying to find its place on a card. It was failing miserably, until this card came together surprisingly quickly. It's for a colleague and her first baby. It's a girl! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Footballer Frank turns Fifty

Frank likes football. Frank turns fifty. Footballer Frank must have a festive footballer's fiftieth birthday card!! Okay, enough now. :) Does football field corners even look remotely like this? I must admit I've skimped on the research. In fear of accidentally including colours from his team's worst enemy, thereby ruining his birthday all together (again neglecting that research), I restricted myself to grass green and neutral white. And aaaany minute now, someone will probably laugh maniacally and point out that there's at least five teams that wear green and white shirts. My apologies. Anyway. Happy birthday, Frank!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flowery squares

I find that having a few general, non-spesific cards laying around is a great way to avoid that slightly stressful situation of having agreed to make a card for someone when there isn't really a lot of time available. They are usually simple, like this one, and feature a large flower or something, also like this one. And little to no text, again like this one. Very useful! Unlike this one, I sometimes leave some room for a little text stamp or sticker that can be quickly added when the occasion arises.
I used one of my precious huge Bazzill flowers on this one. When I learned that they would be discontinued (several years ago) I bought nearly every remaining set my local paper crafting shop had left. It pains me a little every time I see one go. But hey, this is what they were made for! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Someone turned 40 a while ago, apparently

I've made a couple of cards lately and haven't shared. Too busy looking at other people's work, I suppose? Here's a card I made one late evening, just in time as usual. I can't even remember who the recipient was - someone who turned 40, obviously. I think it was made for a guy? Oh well. Here it is, anyway. I like the rough, grunge-y style lately, but enjoy mixing it up with bold colours. Teal is awesome. :)