Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flowery squares

I find that having a few general, non-spesific cards laying around is a great way to avoid that slightly stressful situation of having agreed to make a card for someone when there isn't really a lot of time available. They are usually simple, like this one, and feature a large flower or something, also like this one. And little to no text, again like this one. Very useful! Unlike this one, I sometimes leave some room for a little text stamp or sticker that can be quickly added when the occasion arises.
I used one of my precious huge Bazzill flowers on this one. When I learned that they would be discontinued (several years ago) I bought nearly every remaining set my local paper crafting shop had left. It pains me a little every time I see one go. But hey, this is what they were made for! :)

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