Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tsumami Kanzashi National Day brooch

Is brooch the right word for this? Sometimes I can't figure out even the simplest English words. ;) Well, you see what I mean, it's a good thing we have pictures in our posts, right? :)
The colours of the Norwegian flag are - as you may already know or have guessed - red, white and blue. Substitute any colour (if necessary) to make a kanzashi brooch for your own National Day! :) After my kanzashi sunflower brooches I thought a little about other things I could make along those lines. I whipped this one up in the late hours on Sunday, just in time for the big celebration yesterday. I also have several other kanzashi project ideas, they make excellent projects for lazy summer days in the sun!
I improvised a folding technique at the end of these fabric strips, and to my surprise they look pretty good! The fold is just secured with ordinary craft glue - there was no time for sewing, and really no need for it either. I haven't even ironed the folds, and just stuck some double-sided tape along the fabric strip to hold it together! I covered an old button with red fabric and just glued it to the center of the flower.
You can find tutorials for the rounded kanzashi petal everywhere, I used this excerpt from the book Kanzashi in Bloom. Have a look at the kanzashi sunflower brooches post for more links to other petal tutorials. The red and blue fabrics are Robert Kaufman, the white is a scrap piece I had lying around.


  1. Du har virkelig stått på i timene før den store dagen! :D
    Så flott den ble! ;)

  2. I love the look of these! Thanks for sharing!


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