Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marianne 31 years

I had completely forgotten to make Randi's daughter, Marianne, a card for her birthday this year! Shame on me. But better late than never, right? Since I would meet them both in Randi's birthday I thought I'd make them matching cards. The fact that I had very very very little time to make these two cards may possibly have had a little influence on that fact. Just a little. ;)
BG Kioshi DPs (love them!), Bazzill and Prima flowers, white Scrapper's Floss and an owl charm from stash. Although I love the MS border punches (who doesn't?), I seem to have some problems with this one. Perhaps the guidelines on the punch has been misprinted, but it doesn't seem so. I'm going to cut my paper 2mm shorter than the guide says next time to see if I can get it to match up better. As it is here, it looks so bad I nearly had to make another one then and there. Also, my apologies for the crooked photo. Right angles seem to present difficulties to me these days.
Quickly Photoshopped (or rather, "PhotoStudioed") to remove what I had already written when I shot this photo. The sentiment is a part of the BG Kioshi Pieces bag I bought along with the 12"x12" Kioshi papers, aren't they just lovely? When I later came across Kioshi in a 6"x6" pad I couldn't resist it and bought that too. Expect to see more of it!

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  1. Utrolig lekkert! :D
    De papirene er flotte! *love*


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