Monday, May 24, 2010

Another one for Merete and Ruben

Most of my wedding cards are white with either gold or silver accents. So how did I manage to make two green wedding cards for the same couple? Fortunately the cards don't have too many other similarities. ;)
I had a completely different plan for this card, but every single thing I did to it changed what was possible (or desirable) and the plan was revised so many times there was no plan at all in the end! I'm still not quite happy with it. The DP is from the always excellent Maja Designs, just slightly covered with some white linen weave Magic Mesh. It's too pretty to hide! :) I love those big flowers from Papirloftet, they make such a statement. And that lovely heart stamp set is awesome. But can anyone tell me why it's impossible to leave the Liquid Pearls alone until it's completely dry? I tell myself to be patient, but fail to keep my hands off it every time. *rolling eyes* Next time, maybe next time... ;)

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