Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why don't I make more cards like this?

Sometimes the best crafting supplies don't come from the place you most expect. The papers used in this card actually come from Panduro. I associate them more with simple crafting kits with all sorts of other matierials, and although they've expanded into paper crafting, I haven't found anything particularly interesting there. But these papers, oh these papers!! The embossed silver one is shiny, thick and looks awesome when cut and embossed with Spellbinders. And the flowery paper, I can't possibly convey in words and pictures how wonderful it is! It's so thin you can see through it, and seems more like fabric than paper. The base is perfectly matte and impossibly black. It has then been letterpressed with an incredibly shiny deep red colour - and the result is simply stunning!
The clean and simple layout was chosen to give the luxurious papers their chance to shine. What looks like a grey mat is actually a sligthly sparkly silver carstock - it added just the right amount of lightness to the otherwise dark colour scheme. And although this kind of card never photographs well, trust me when I say that, up close and personal, it is just amazing.
Some dimention was achieved in the card by inserting the black Bazzill flower under the sentiment, and using 3D cusions to raise the other corners a little. The Kort og Godt roses always make a statement. The colours and general layout are actually inspired by the December 4th 12"x12" layout I made for my advent calender last year. How it's taken me so long to make a card in the same style is a mystery. ;) I think we often shy away from the dark colours fearing a depressing, funeral-like card - but done right, dark colours can be really striking and luxurious, almost budoir-style.
"Friends have a wonderful way of reminding us what really matters." Text stamp by my favourite, Penny Black. The inside and last page of the card was kept in the same style - and I love it to bits... :)

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  1. *dåne litt*
    Så lekkert det ble, Eva! Du kan det der med å finne fantastiske ark! :D


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