Friday, May 21, 2010

House warming present (and sneak peek)

I suppose it's more traditional to bring flowers as a house warming present, but I just have to be weird I guess. ;) This is a little jar that used to hold a delicious spicy red pesto, now filled with my homemade butterscotch sauce. Made with my homemade vanilla extract. Ah, the joy of putting my crafting to good use. :)
The decoration is super simple this time - just a circle of pink and white fabric tied with ribbon. The little crown charm is the finishing touch, and it is simply suspended from the ribbon in a jump ring right next to the tied bow. I've upcycled a couple of jars with paper embellishments before, but much prefer this. Using fabric makes me think of grandmothers and old strawberry jam jars and warm summer days...
I know I promised a butterscotch sauce post. I will write one. It takes all my strength of will to not devour the jar I have in my fridge right now, like a five-year-old on a serious sugar high, but I will manage to photograph it first. There - I've written it and now I have no choice but to do it. ;)

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