Thursday, January 31, 2013


Having made one sensible and neutral (and boring?) card for my brother's 30th birthday, I decided to go nuts on the other. My parents gave the first one, and I figured I should be his crazy sister and give him this montrosity! :)

The picture doesn't show it very well, but the chipboard "30" is painted in crackle paint and rubbed with some white ink to lighten it a bit. The monster paper has some sparkle in it and the "hey!" is lifted with 3mm pads.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Latte stack to the rescue - again

Wow, this was made a long time ago... It's for my brother's birthday, which is in October... Wow. Well, it's about time it made it to the blog then! :)

Clean and simple again, what else to do for a thirty year old man? The DCVW Latte stack has been my go-to stack in these cases for a while, the colours and patterns are so great. Not quite what I'd expect from the name, but I'm not the one to judge a stack by its cover. ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Panda hat

A good friend of mine sent me a picture of a panda hat and I suggested we did a trade - hat for embroidery. This is my end of the bargain! Cute, eh? :)

I did a search for panda hats and only found a couple of recipes, none that worked for me. The result was to improvise the whole thing. I made a grid in Excel and fiddled around until I got something that resembled a panda face. It took two tries, as the first one used too many stitches. The decreases are worked along the sides, where the ears were knitted on later. It's also on my Ravelry page.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Just a quick and easy card to get us started again. I still have a bug in the image uploading, but have found a different workaround that isn't too complicated. Possibly even easy enough to live with in the long run. :)

The layout is clean and simple, with not too much fuss. Just enough to give it a little bit of texture. It's actually a baby card, although that's quite understated. The baby feet and princess crown is all that gives it away...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Technical difficulties etc

Hello everybody!

It's been a while. Again. Life gets in the way, more large knitting projects than quick cards, and so on. And I don't feel guilty about it! This blogging thing is fun - as long as there's no pressure. And since I have no advertisers to pressure me, I blog when I want. :) :) No regrets. :)

That being said, I've wanted to post some stuff lately but not been able to. There seems to be a bug in the image uploading that I haven't found a fix for yet. And what is a craft blog post without images??

Today you'll have to settle for this Instagram picture I managed to sneak in via an emergency solution (not one I will bother using in the long run). It's some absolutely gorgeous Manos del Uruguay yarn, a lovely Silk Blend skein I wound up. The biggest skeins I've ever wound. :) 13 cm in diameter, 10 cm high. Massive. You can always look me up on Ravelry, there are many WIPs there that will be finished in the near future.

I hope to figure out the image uploading thing soon and will be back with something to show you!

ETA: This might be related to the Java issue that has been in the news lately. I keep thinking about switching to Firefox or something like that, without getting around to actually doing it. Maybe this is the kick in the backside I need to get it done?

All the best until then,