Saturday, January 12, 2013

Technical difficulties etc

Hello everybody!

It's been a while. Again. Life gets in the way, more large knitting projects than quick cards, and so on. And I don't feel guilty about it! This blogging thing is fun - as long as there's no pressure. And since I have no advertisers to pressure me, I blog when I want. :) :) No regrets. :)

That being said, I've wanted to post some stuff lately but not been able to. There seems to be a bug in the image uploading that I haven't found a fix for yet. And what is a craft blog post without images??

Today you'll have to settle for this Instagram picture I managed to sneak in via an emergency solution (not one I will bother using in the long run). It's some absolutely gorgeous Manos del Uruguay yarn, a lovely Silk Blend skein I wound up. The biggest skeins I've ever wound. :) 13 cm in diameter, 10 cm high. Massive. You can always look me up on Ravelry, there are many WIPs there that will be finished in the near future.

I hope to figure out the image uploading thing soon and will be back with something to show you!

ETA: This might be related to the Java issue that has been in the news lately. I keep thinking about switching to Firefox or something like that, without getting around to actually doing it. Maybe this is the kick in the backside I need to get it done?

All the best until then,


  1. Hei! Du kan laste opp bilder hvis du velger HTML istedetfor "Skriv" når du skriver innlegg. :) Men hvor har du følger-funksjonen din? Trodde at jeg følger deg, men gjør visst ikke det...

  2. Ja, den muligheten fant jeg også etter litt eksperimentering forrige uke. Mulig jeg bare bruker den utover - jeg har enda ikke somlet meg til å bytte nettleser... ;) Ting Tar Tid.
    Jeg har ikke hatt en følger-widget, for Blogger har hatt den funksjonen øverst på bloggen før, men jeg ser den har forsvunnet nå... Hm. Kanskje jeg må legge den til i sidebaren da. ;)


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