Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th - Low season

Bergen after a snow fall... All the tables and chairs were still outside this restaurant, but not exactly useful right then. ;) I couldn't resist throwing on some flowers here and I have to say I like how this layout turned out! To avoid too much of a summer feel I chose mainly white and black colours with a rich deep red for a dramatic splash of colour. That black velvet ric rac ribbon was a last minute addition and I'm so happy it's there. :)
Elegant Eliza letters in shiny silver cardstock on a luxurious fabric paper letterpressed with a glossy rich red colour. The mix of glossy and matt material makes for an interesting visual impression.
See, there is a number on it too? I kept moving it around as it didn't really fit where I had intended it to be, and now it's almost invisible. ;) The black leaves are from half a large Bazzill flower - I bought nearly all those flowers my local store had when I heard they were going out of production!
I like how the flowers and black pearl swirls curve around the corner of the image. I'm training myself to do asymmetrical stuff! ;)
Papers: Panduro flowery paper
Embellishments: Misc. flowers from Prima, Kort og Godt, Bazzill, Prima Say it in pearls swirl, QK Eliza Mini, ribbons from Kort og Godt

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