Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manly scarf

Making stuff for men is a tricky thing. Especially knitted gifts. I've done a relatively safe thing and knitted a scarf. I know, not exactly a very inventive and creative gift, but I'm really stuck! Men in their fifties have everything...
This scarf has been knitted not along the short side as usual, but along the long side! From end to end so to speak. It was a fun way of doing it, but the down side is that you'll have to first decide how long the scarf should be and then knit a test swatch to calculate how many stitches to cast on to get that particular length. The advantage is that you can make stripes going the long way, which is impossible to do the same way when you knit along the short side. The yarn is my favourite these days, Drops Eskimo Mix in two colours. More details here (Ravelry link).

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  1. Vilken god idé!
    Den ska jag prova, fast till mig själv tror jag;)
    Vänliga hälsningar


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