Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th - Snow storm

Some days you should just stay inside and watch the weather. Some days you don't do what you should. ;) Just look at my poor car covered in sticky wind-swept snow! It's bright blue if you would believe it. My brother's sister and I were getting rid of some of the snow before it became a wall of frozen ice, impossible to mow... Can you see us freezing? ;)
The left picture had a snow shovel standing very annoyingly in the center of the frame. As an experiment I tried to remove it using the clone tool, and the result was much better than expected! On this scale it's almost impossible to see where it should have been.
The Norwegian letters æ, ø and å gives me trouble sometimes - I only have three QK alphabets with those letters and none of them felt right for this layout. I decided to see if I could construct one from an o and some left-over pieces and the result wasn't too bad. I needed something to cover the joints with though, and glitter seemed like the perfect medium! ;)
This is possibly the most glittering layout I've ever made... The pattern paper has enough glitter on its own and I've added more than enough. A girl gotta have her bling. ;)
Papers: TPC Studios Winter Blues: Falling Snow and Winter Wonderland
Embellishments: Basic Grey bling snowflake, Prima Times Alpha chipboard letters, QK Moxie SkinniMini
Other: MS Stars border punch, blue glitter

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