Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24th - Merry Christmas!

The only thing I knew I wanted to do with the layout for Christmas Eve was to use pictures of my closest family members. This is the third set of pictures I've printed and glued on! I first used them in black and white, but that made the layout seem dark and dreary. Off with those, on with colour photos. The whole thing was completely done exept I decided to put some Stickles Star Dust along the edges of the photo as a finishing touch when the glue reacted to the printer ink turning it bright pink. Disaster. A rescue project was launched - I had to carefully remove the photos from bling swirl, ribbon and pattern paper trying not to tear anything - and then somehow work the new ones in without getting anything stuck on them. There was sweat and strong words involved. It looks good now though, I just put the Stickles on the edge of the photo paper instead of along the edge of the picture.
On a side note, the pictures are both edited. The one of my parents and myself is cropped and an ugly candle holder removed from the bottom edge. I the one with my brother and his wife I removed a huge flash reflex from the wall. It's not exactly expertly done, but it works in this small scale.
I've been stroking this bling swirl for so long - it's just too big to fit on cards and too beatuiful to cut up into smaller elements. It works so well in a symmetrical layout like this one.
Prima chipboard letters, painted with Twinklin' H2O's Dutch Iris and Rubilite, edged with Stickles Star Dust (oh yes, more Stickles!). I'm going to have to get another bottle of Stickles now. ;)
Just a simple little verse, wishing you and yours a merry christmas! The font is Porcelain, available for free here.
Papers: Maja Design Vintertid: Kyla and Snöflingor,
Embellishments: Prima bling swirl, Scrap FX chipboard snowflakes, lace ribbon from HobbyHimmelen, Prima Times Alphas
Other: Twinklin' H2O's Dutch Iris and Rubilite, Stickles Star Dust

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