Saturday, December 5, 2009

New cabin!

Welcome to a new family member - our new cabin! Well, it's my parents' new cabin, although we all talk about it as "ours". ;) None the less, I wanted to give my parents a card celebrating the offcial handover of keys this Tuesday. My initial idea was to find a picture online of a castle (or maybe a sand castle?) overlooking the sea, but when I sat down at my desk I decided I couldn't bother turning on my computer and took the opportunity to use this cool tree house stamp instead (thanks Krissie).

I usually don't bother photographing the inside of my cards, but I thought I'd show you today. It's the paper I guess, the DCVW Latte stack deserves a lot of attention. ;) I keeep them fairly simple, using scraps of the pattern paper and coordinating Bazzill. Usually my decor of choice is some paper flowers (because I have to spend some of my enormous stash), but this time I couldn't resist colouring up the "congrats" stamp and stick it on. And I always leave plenty of room for writing!
The back of my cards are pretty standardized: either this variety with a paper scrap or two, or just my personal stamp in a couple of die-cut circles surrounded by a swirl stamp.


  1. For et fint kort. Grattis med ny hytte da :)

  2. Wonderful card, love the colour combination and the fabulous stamp. Kim

  3. Det ble jo knallflott! :D
    Åh, lyst til å bruke de papirene, ja... :D


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