Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Binary scarf

Now this is a gift for the geeks in your life! I've made this one for my brother, and I'm seriously considering making one for myself... ;) You can find the pattern, called Binary, here (Ravelry link). More details for my own scarf is available on my Ravelry Binary scarf project page.
Just in case an explanation is needed I can quickly say that the scarf is meant to resemble an old computer screen, filled with binary digits. You can see the cursor in the bottom line there, where someone's still "typing"... *lol*

The original pattern simply gives a pattern block for the individual numbers and says the simplest way is to knit them in randomly. But my brain just doesn't do "random". Without a plan for when to knit 0 and when to knit 1 I would have been obsessing over every single digit. My solution was to convert a little phrase into binary ASCII code and using that as my pattern!
The ultimate test of geekiness is whether or not you can read what it says! I'm so geeky as to know ASCII-code by heart like that, but more than geeky enough to giggle just by the thought of knowing that it says "Are's scarf" over and over! *lol* I love that is in plain sight like this and yet a secret. :)


  1. Det ble knalltøft! :D
    Likte Are det?

  2. Hvor mye skal du ha for å lage et sånt, Eva?

  3. Kuuuuuuult, naa vet jeg hva mannen faar til jul :-D



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