Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candy alerts!

Motivet is giving away all these stamps to celebrate their new release! Closes June 1st.

Tracy aka Trak has just launched her new website and is celebrating with this great candy! Closes May 31st.

Gayle at Little Bird Design is giving away an awesome candy to celebrate her birthday! Closes May 31st.

At Dottie's World they're having a truly amazing candy and a week-long celebration of the re-launching of their one-year-old website. Closes May 31st.

Ann-Katrin is giving away some candy to celebrate her new blog! Closes June 7th.
Late addition: Daisychain is celebrating her birthday with this great candy! Closes June 8th.
Also, you have a chance to win some real bling - just check out the Shimmerz blinkie on my sidebar!

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  1. Hei, så hyggelig at du vil være med på blogcandyen min. Lykke til.


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