Sunday, July 26, 2009

For Elin and Tor Arvid

This is my own card for Elin and Tor Arvids wedding. I've been longing to use those red roses for a wedding card! Especially the dark red ones... They've been heavily Glimmermisted, the red pattern paper as well (that's why the paper looks a bit pale - it's really as red as the roses). This kind of card just doesn't photograph well, they have to be seen in real life. No time for a new and exciting layout - sorry, Elin.
I always personalise the cards I give, but to use their full names would ruin the minimalistic background in this card. The compromise was to use just their initials. And although the card looks very simplistic, it still gives a luxurious impression because of the rich rose cluster. Trust me. In fact, it almost didn't fit in the envelope because of all the flowers! *lol*

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