Monday, September 28, 2009

Gift card folders

Hi, remember me? I'm finally back! And this time even with something paper related. ;)
These are gift card holders I make for the owner of the beauty salon where I sell cards. She gives them to people who buy large gift cards, as a special service to good customers. In line with her request, I've kept them very plain and simple to keep the price down. Besides the cardstock and tape, the only matierial spent is a bit of embossing powder. All other embellishment is done with my cheapest pattern papers, border punches, stamps and embossing folders. Simple layouts, nothing exciting, I just go with whatever size the leftover pieces have. No wonder I whipped up ten of these in a couple of hours last night. :)
Maybe now, with these folders done, I'll find the inspiration to make a few regular cards? I certainly feel a weight lifted from my shoulders now that I finally got around to making these.


  1. Ooh, der var det en lekker punch jeg ikke hadde fått med meg at du hadde kjøpt! :P

    Så flotte gavekortene ble! Lekre farger, altså!


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