Monday, October 19, 2009

Place card roundup

You might recognise this embossed silver cardstock from yesterday's post. Theodor's mother and I had made these place cards for his baby blessing ceremony, and I thought it would be nice to bring something of that into the card. The place cards are quite minimalistic, but the silver cardstock gives a striking impression and we decided to show it off by keeping the rest clean and simple. She came with the silver and blue cardstock, I provided stamps, spellbinders and alphabet dies (QK Frankie skinnimini), and a few ideas. Because there were so few details (and relatively few place cards to be made), we dared to start the project of writing every name in QK letters - let's just say that that took a little bit of time... *lol* We stamped a background text stamp with watermark ink on the blue cardstock before adding the baby hands or feet in silver to give some structure to the centre. They're quite big, that's the biggest nestie die!

Peninah, my mother and I made these place cards for Peninah's confirmation in May this year and I completely forgot to show them! I also made this and this card for her. The colours on these place cards were a nightmare get right, but they're supposed to be cool lilacs... With small greyish pink Prima flowers to give some dimension to the retro punch flowers. The names were simply written in silver (by me! o the horror) and popped up on 3D cushion tape.

Ok, so technically these aren't place cards, but we made the place card/menu/song booklets to match these invitations, so they're fairly similar. Can't seem to find my own place card right now, so you'll have to settle for the picture I snapped before this little pile of invitations went in the mail. They were for my brother's wedding Valentine's day this year, and the wedding had a coffe theme (duh). My sister-in-law-to-be (at the time) had most of it figured out, but turned everything upside down after seeing something in the store when we went to shop supplies... *lol* I liked the way it ended up!

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