Friday, September 28, 2012

Nordic style dress and bolero

There was talk of a "bunad" dress. Something knitted, that resembled the Norwegian national costume. When this was first mentioned, I had already just started knitting this dress. What to do... Was it similar enough to what she was looking for? Should I keep it a secret or reveal my plans? But as the bunad recipes were few and their decision dragged out, the choice was easy. I finished this one and gave it as a surprise for her birthday! It has a few traditional elements, although it doesn't exactly resemble any particular bunad. The original recipe uses bright reds, but I went with neutrals because I thought that would be more to their taste. Here's my Ravelry link.
The previous dress I knitted for this girl was smaller than it’s intended size - this one’s on the large side. And that’s despite my sincere - and successful - attempts at obtaining the correct gauge. Also, I have almost two skeins of dark brown Alpaca left over…! How did that happen?

This was easy peasy, mindless knitting. I might do some things differently next time (as always), but overall it's a nice project and a pretty result.
I might have chosen a sturdier yarn than Alpaca to go with the Fabel, because the fairly heavy skirt pulls and stretches the waist border and yoke quite a bit. Also, doing stranded knitting might be easier with a less slippery yarn. Other than that, the recipe is nice and easy - but man, am I sick of garter stitch… ;) At least the skirt was done in a painted yarn with gorgeous blue, white and brown colours and something was continually changing there, but that bolero was a trial. I need lace!!!

The bolero is constructed in a strange way… But it seems to work anyway. It's knitted flat in garter stitch and sewn together under the arms. It looks like I've knitted a poncho and forgotten the hole for the head! :) But as you can see, it's not too bad really.


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