Monday, January 26, 2009

At last!

So here I am, by request. Finally a blogger! It's about time. Welcome to you!

About me? Well, I do a lot of different things. Sooo may projects, so little time. At any given time I'm halfway through at least three or four different projects. Finishing them all is a different story... My last new hobby is what I spend the most time on nowadays: cardmaking and other papercrafts. I addition to that I knit, crochet, sew, take photographs, and cook. And I blogsurf. A lot. In fact, I should spend less time surfing for inspiration for all the projects I plan to do, and a bit more time actually doing them. Familiar problem, anyone??

So, I'll very soon add some projects I've already completed. You can find some of them already on Cut Out + Keep, a web page I've been browsing regularly for a few months now. Hope you can find some inspiration!

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