Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog candys

Now that I finally have internet at home and finally have managed to make myself a blog, I find myself surfing the web for hours and hours a day... My blog list has expanded really fast, which provides me with lots of inspiration, and, as recent posts are showing, a few blog candys... :) Perfect timing too, all the usual January bills have completely drained my wallet and the only scrapping supplies I can hope for any time soon have to come from somebody else. ;)
And now I really should tear myself away from the blog surfing to make something to put on my own blog!

Bev has the cutest blog candy! It's full of lovely pink sparkly things... :)

And Steph is following with more sparkly pink goodness! Perfect for us girls.

Hege-Annie celebrates 10 000 hits with a wonderful blog candy. Congrats!
To be drawn on Valentine's Day

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  1. Hei Eva, du vet ikke hvem jeg er, men jeg fikk bloggadr di av Hilde. Vi skal på tur sammen til Oslo i mars på hobbymessa. Er nysgjerrig jeg da vettu og ville bare stikke innom og si hei.
    Alltid morro med nye blogger:)


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