Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy birthday mom and dad!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of both my parents. It was a really lovely evening! Lots of people and good food. Amazingly enough, I managed to sleep in and be late - for dinner. I blame my busy night shift and my fantastic bed for not getting up until after four o'clock...

Finally I've managed to use my Magnolia tie stamp! And every chance to use the left over bits of pattern paper is great. A simple but striking effect.

I lifted the idea of using the QK Goozebumpz on the edges of the paper from these cards Nina made. Wow those are amazing cards, and I clearly need a lot of practice to reach her level of expertice! But for a first try, mine are OK. The large green flower, as well as the embossed paper, have been treated with a white and a creamy brown stamp pad to enhance the 3D-effect. The corner flowers are there only to cover up a mistake I made... Oops!

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