Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making a new aquaintance

Look at what came home with me the other day! A brand new set of Prismacolor pencils! Some of you may have noticed that many (well, most) of my latest cards have a distinct lack of painted stamped images... It's just so insanely boring to paint them. I've tried water markers, alcohol markers, distress ink pads and even wondered about trying the distress ink refills my friends use these days. Still boring. But then I explored MCP. Magic Coloured Pencils - such a non-informative name! But so simple. Just draw a little and rub it out. I think that the one half of my stamp collection that's been collecting dust for a while, will finally see some ink again!

Ok, I admit it. I just had to sharpen them all right away and sort them in a wonderful pallette of colours. Ooh, so pretty! ;)

1 comment:

  1. Gratulerer med nye farger! :D
    Åh, jeg er nødt til å prøve dem en dag! ;)


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