Thursday, February 12, 2009


I suspect the only reason I'm uploading this right now is to avoid packing for the weekend. I'm going away for a very good reason - my little brother is getting married - but that also means having to gather stuff from all over the appartment and cramming it into as small a space as possible. Amazing what a girl can need for only two and a half days! Of course, having to dress for a wedding does complicate things a bit.

So when coming home from work at half past ten this evening, I had a half-finished list of things I had to do before I go to bed. Writing this was definitely not on that list. Funny how your priorities can get mixed up... Like when you should be cramming for that important exam and suddenly decide that this would be an excellent time to clean the fridge.

Finishing this card was on my list! I'm giving it to my brother's (very soon to be) in-laws as a thank-you for opening their home for me and my parents this weekend. They don't know of this blog yet - I think - so I'm taking the chance on posting it now.

When making black and white cards I always fear the funeral-feeling... My solution today was to use lots of structure with all the ribbons, and glam it up with a silver thread and shiny buttons. It looks better in real life!

Update: Who knew the card would match the black/white/grey colour scheme of their newly renovated kitchen so well! :)

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