Friday, February 6, 2009

Tanken / The thought

Mamma: -Hva er virkelighet?
Sønn: -Jeg vet ikke.
-Jamen hva tenker du på når jeg sier virkelig?
-Jeg tenker på... at jeg tenker... at det jeg tenker kanskje er virkelig.
-Hva tenker du på da?
-At jeg tenker, skjønner du vel.

(Hentet fra boken "Vi er alle opp ned" av Trine-Line B. Biong - samtaler mellom mor og sønn)

Mom: -What is reality?
Son: -I don't know.
-Well, what do you think of when I say real?
-I think of... that I'm thinking... that what I'm thinking maybe is real.
-What are you thinking about then?
-That I'm thinking, of course.

(From the book "We are all upside-down" by Trine-Line B. Biong - conversations between a mother and her son)

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