Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ahem... yet another blog candy... or four

As I have "a touch of the plague", as one of my colleagues put it (read: a runny nose), I've stayed inside today and done some blog surfing. And, well, just as I was saying how all my posts lately have been about cards and blog candys, I still managed to find even more candys... Couldn't resist linking to them though, the prizes are just so wonderful!

Elisabeth at Elzybells Art Stamps is spreading the word about her latest stamp release. She has the brilliant idea of making a kind of "build-your-own-cupcake stamp-set" where the various stamps go together to make an image to your own liking. Nifty! I love the tea and coffee cup sets too.

Art Pieces has a blog candy (and other stuff too, take a look) celebrating over 10 000 hits, amazing! Congratulations!
Closes March 17th.

Then there is Marlene who has an incredible four candys up for grab! Thank you Marlene!

Lastly, a give-away from iDiY. While not really aimed at card-makers, it still suits us perfect! A personalised stamp from Paperwink's gorgeous vintage inspired collection.

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  1. Thanks for joining Art Pieces blog candy! :)




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