Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby x2

These two baby cards have been made for the same person, so I wanted to give them a fairly different feel even though she'll give them to two different families. That's just more fun, both for me, and the person giving them away! No names, since the babies haven't been born yet.

I just love these colours! It is a gorgeus cool green with elements of blue and white. To make the sentiment match in colour, I've mixed 10 parts black embossing powder with 1 part Perfect Pearls Blue Patina powder. I like the effect, but the PP powder can make it difficult to get the embossing powder to stick evenly to the stamped areas. It has a lovely blue-green glow when the light shines on it, even more than the picture is able to show. Oh those sunny days... It actually snowed just now - again.

Recycling some earlier ideas - and using the other half of the Prima Flowers packaging (the brown paper with punched-out swirls)! I completely messed up the placement of the top left flowers, so now it looks a bit weird... But still usable. A more distressed look to set it apart from the previous one.

This is Prismacolor pencil attempt nr. 3 and 4. I'm getting the hang of it now I think, but still need more practice.

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