Monday, February 2, 2009

Batwing or angel?

I've been working so intensively on this crochet shawl that my shoulder hurts. The recipe was called a batwing shawl, but some colleagues of mine called it an angel shawl. I wonder which I prefer...? Whatever the name, this shape is perfect, and I will never make a shawl in any other shape! At least I'll try. The forward-swept shape makes it fit perfectly around the neck and shoulders, and fall very nicely in front. I love it!
It's made from one strand brown mohair, and one strand thin gold thread to give it a bit of sparkle. Once I got the hang of the system it was very easy to make, and very addictive - actually I made this in only a week. No wonder my shoulder is complaining.

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  1. Nyyydelig sjal!!.... kan tenke meg at et slikt i hvitt gir assosiasjoner til englevinger, ja! Vakker form! :)

    Lykke til i min blog candy! Takk for at du er med. :)


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