Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter!

I thought I'd share this easter egg tutorial with you today. A super quick recap of the technique: hard boil your eggs, roll them on hard surface to crack the shell (do not remove shell), pop into bowl/cup of cold water with food colouring, leave in fridge overnight, carefully peel away shell next morning to reveal beautiful surface. This was so much fun! I was so excited to see the results I could hardly wait until this morning before I peeled them... But it was worth the wait!

Lurking beneath the surface...

As you can see, I had two kinds of food colouring in my cabinet, red and yellow. While the yellow is great, the red turned out a disaster... ;) The colour never made it past the thin skin under the shell, and when I peeled it the whites of the egg came away with the shell. Didn't even bother to photograph it. Clearly, different kinds of food colouring has diffferent results - Jayne (who wrote the tutorial) wasn't pleased with her yellow eggs, but got a whole bunch of gorgeous eggs in all kinds of other colours! Take a look, they're amazing.
Have fun making your easter eggs. Happy easter everyone!


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