Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Kari

Hello there, remember me? It's been a while, at least according to the date on my last post. Sure doesn't feel like it though. It's been an eventful two weeks for me, some nice events and some not so nice. But it feels good to be back, and I even have something to show you!
Don't you just love the golden glow of the home made vanilla extract? I know I do! I could just stare at those bottles for ages. And trust me, it has taste to go with its good looks as well. ;) This bottle goes to my lovely sister in law - hope she can put it to good use.
And as a help, I made her a little booklet containing recipes using vanilla extract. I kept it plain and simple, just kraft cardstock, white Bazzill and red baker's twine. The border punch is the MS doily lace of course! I made a slightly fancier one for my mom a while back.
A quick look at one of the inside page spreads. The text was just printed directly on the Bazzill cardstock and cut to equal size pieces before being glued to the kraft cardstock. Unlike the Bazzill, the kraft cardstock has the advantage of looking the same on both sides and therefore makes a nice base for these kind of projects.
Oh, and that butterscotch sauce recipe you see there deserves a whole blog post for itself! I'll get around to that some time this spring/summer - if I manage to shoot some pictures of it before it mysteriously disappears. Oh MY... I could drink it straight from the bottle!
I'm adding this post to the Mother's Day Ideas party at Somewhat Simple, even if this particular bottle went to my sister in law. It was, after all, my vanilla loving mother who was the reason I got this thing started!

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