Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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For the non-Norwegian speaking readers around here, here is my crude amateur translation of what's going on in this cartoon:
Påsan: Do you think he'll come?
Pondus: Yes Påsan, he'll come back to us. And then we'll recieve the judgement.
Påsan: It's been so long... Maybe he'll never come?
Pondus: We mustn't lose faith, Påsan! He will come back and save us. And when he does, we'll fall on our knees, kiss his feet and wish him welcome!
Påsan: And then he'll bring the computer back to life?
Pondus: Let's hope so. Those computer guys can do miracles.
My brother Are loves Pondus! And for good reason, it's really funny. This one fits him perfectly - his work involves setting up and fixing computers and networks and although I don't think anyone has ever fallen on their knees in front of him, I'm sure he is very welcome... ;) The card is very simple, as requested. My parents gave him this one, and later this week I'll share my own card, which has a few more embellishments - made by a zipper amongst other things... So stay tuned!

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