Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winter mitts

It's nearly too late to post these kind of things now... The sun is finally managing to make an impact on the huge mounds of snow around here, and I have to drive in carefully placed zig-zags to avoid the huge water-filled gouges appearing in the 10 cm layer of ice on the road from my house. But it's still fairly cold at night and a good pair of winter mitts can still find their use, I hope.
A little heart suddenly appeared when I shot these cuties... :) I've tweaked my recipe slightly from the first, improvised pair, but that's only in the little details. They're pretty much the same. This pair is comissioned for the girlfriend of the recipient of the first pair (the one with the lover's mitt) - the two colours work together nicely I think! Details on my Ravelry page as usual.
The knitter's gift tag has to be included of course. :) I love making these and they lend a professional touch to gifted and sold items.

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