Friday, April 22, 2011

The verdict is in

Remember, a few posts ago, I made a card and wondered if too much of a good thing really was wonderful? Well, it seems I got a thundering "yes" in reply! The recipient of that particular card was so thrilled that she promptly ordered six of the same kind to give to her own friends. To be done before easter, if at all possible, and unless the postal service took an early easter holiday they should have arrived just in time.
-Now, I guess I could have split these into six separate posts and really milked them for every bit of posting value since this little blog has been a bit quiet lately, but I feel like I'd be showing you the same card over and over, and that didn't seem fair. So here they are, all six, at once. Enjoy! The colours match the present holiday well, don't they?
-My last lovely orange Gardenia flower went with this order, so it's high time to order some more. I go through these in a flash these days and the abstinence symptoms are already kicking in! As my stash of orange and yellow flowers wasn't too big to begin with, and I've used a lot of them lately, I found that it was a challenge to find enough flowers for all these cards. Some white flowers and Glimmermist came to my rescue and filled the gaps.

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