Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lady Emmeline

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Anybody still reading? :)

I've got a few things to show you. I thought I'd start with this cutie, the Lady Emmeline toddler cardigan. Check out my notes on Ravelry if you'd like to check out the details and find the free pattern. It's knitted in Mini Duett, which is 50% wool, 50% cotton.

So this is a new discovery: I love slip stitch patterns. :)
It looks like stranded knitting (which I avoid if at all possible), but knits up without a fuss and with a very tidy WS. One colour at a time! I'll definitely do a similar pattern in the future.

I knitted the 4 year size hoping that my yarn/needle combo would make it a better fit for the 3 year old recipient - while keeping the length measurements of the larger size, as this little lady is quite tall. I was, however, quite shocked when my width measurements came in under the 2 year size! Thankfully the blocking solved that without problems. This thing could probably be stretched and blocked to fit a 6 year old just fine.

See what I mean about a tidy wrong side? That's just wonderful. Hardly any floats for little fingers to catch on. In a way, I almost like the WS better...??

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