Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something made, something lost, something won

Today I put the finishing touches on two pairs of baby socks. These are pairs number 12 and 13 - I think... I've made so many I've kind of lost count. And that's only in the last year and a half!

I've made the recipe for these socks myself, based on an old pair of socks Krissie had from her childhood. It can be found here, with illustrated steps. It is my first attempt at writing a recipe, so let me know if there are mistakes. Now, I know there are a million baby sock recipes out there, but these were just so cute I just had to figure out how to make them! Thanks to Krissie for the loan.

And I was just waiting for this to happen - Charmy has run away. Not through the window though, but the door! She ran out between my legs and straight over the edge of my first floor veranda, the crazy thing. Still missing in action, but has been observed. I reckon she'll be hungry tomorrow, and hopefully she'll still be close by.

But as if the universe knew I was having a really bad day, it compensated by letting me win a prize in the March challenge at Ett Trykk with my butterfly set! So a surprise prize is coming my way and I'm just aching to see what's in it!

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  1. Wow--you are creative with more than paper! These little booties are precious.


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