Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blue-lilac batwing shawl

I've been meaning to post pictures of this shawl for a month now. It was finished a few days before my brother's wedding - in the nick of time! It's the same design as the one you can see in this post. The yarn is a finer mohair than the first one, and combined with a thin silver thread this time. I was a bit worried that the silver thread would be too dominating with a thinner yarn, but in fact, it is actually less visible! I guess this yarn is fluffier and therefore covers it more.

Trying to find a colour to match my blue dress was a nightmare! I didn't even consider this yarn to begin with, but after trying to find a suitable colour among those I thought would match (and failing miserably), I decided to examine every single variety I could find right next to the dress, and suddenly this colour seemed entirely different from what I first thought. Hm. I was never really sure that the colours worked the way I wanted, but I wore it and I'm glad I did!

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  1. så flink du er ...stilig!



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