Monday, July 18, 2011

1/52: Ignorance is bliss

The bubbles tickle, the steam rises and the rain falls gently,
and this is quite possibly the very best place in the world
to forget that summer vacation is almost over.
Hey there, I'm back at it. Yep, here I go with another Project 52! The first one is completed and I like the idea of this thing continuing. I'll try to be a little more dilligent this year - it still takes some effort to keep shooting regularly and a Project 52 is a great help to do just that. Still working on the details, so for now, it's just going to be one shot from the previous week, no particular subject so far. We'll see what the year brings.
Oh, and for those of you wondering where all the cards went, they will hopefully make a grand comeback this fall when time and weather permits... :)

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