Monday, July 11, 2011

52/52: Fifty-two at thirty

Celebrations all around!
So, my project comes to an end. 52 weeks, a year in pictures. Are they representative of my life? Well, yes and no. So much takes place that never makes it onto film (or rather, pixels). Quite a few weeks I was lazy and rarely picked up my camera. Sometimes I had so many pictures it was a pain to only choose one. I have found myself just sitting and looking at the set of pictures, at least the parts of the project where I was dilligent in my photography and had lots of good ones. Although I've spent a couple of Sunday evenings scrambling to get a shot off in time, I'm really glad I did this! It's been a kick in the behind to get the camera out more often. ;)
And I guess the big question now is: do I do this for another year? Perhaps I should change the project parameters? Not blog them all, put them on a separate blog, choose a new topic, post several pictures if I have them and none when there are no good ones? I have many thoughts and few conclusions yet. We'll see. I think it's highly likely that I'll continue with another Project 52, but I'll probably mix up the details a bit from this year's project.

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