Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hallway canvas art

Wow, I don't feel pretencious at all calling this "canvas art"... ;) Let's call it wall decoration then.

My hallway furniture is dark brown stained wood, and in a huge glass wine balloon I have pink flowers. And in a narrow space between two doors, these three canvases bloom in (of course) brown and pink! It's a very simple way to decorate a canvas, just grab a few large flowers, some buttons and brads, a few paper leaves and some "angel web" and glue it all on.

I made these to match the colours already in my hallway, but I can really see something like this other places - and in other colours. Black and bright red flowers on a white canvas perhaps, for a dramatic look? Or... soft orange colours, pale blues, the list goes on.

Close-ups below; top - middle - bottom canvas. I'm sorry to say the pictures don't do them justice. The light in that hallway is not exactly the greatest.

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