Friday, June 5, 2009

The old ways

It had been a long time since I walked along these paths.

Memories of the little things along the way came to life. The mossy roof tiles, the tree stump covered in moss and straws. The way I placed my feet going down the rocky hills.
Just as I left the first drops of rain fell from a blue sky. I had forgotten to put on my contacts. As the sky turned a dark grey I chose the small trails over the wide gravel paths, walking under the protection of the thick green canopy. The forest smells differently in the rain.

We were all longing for the sun to shine.

And it did, a little. Sometimes it filtered through the leaves and made them glow. The path lit up with scattered flecks of bright light.

The ice in my water bottle had not melted entirely. As I got out of the shower the blue skies had returned and the sun was shining again. Nothing had changed. Except me.

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