Monday, June 1, 2009

'Tis the season... (or maybe not)

I saw this knitted ascot first on The Purl Bee and figured I'd like to make it some day. With a little help from Google, I found a few free recipes and set about making something of my own.

And why do I make thick wool scarves on the hottest days we've had this year, you say? Well, I'm more than half-way on my Jeanie shawl and it has become a rather large and warm bundle in my lap when I'm knitting. And in this heat it's simply indurable! So I needed something smaller. That, and I couldn't resist digging into my newly aquired stash of lovely Eskimo yarn... Just look at these amazingly rich mixed colours! (Similar to my skin, which is now a mix of ivory white, blushing pink and lobster red. Anything but tan.)

About a week ago I went ever so slightly crazy in my local yarn shop. 40% off on nearly all DROPS yarn?! I came out with a huge shopping bag full of yarn, and all I can think now is I should have bought MORE!

So if you're looking for recipes on this, here are a few links: The Purl Bee basic knitted ascot, Page's tip on changing colours, a free baby version, and the DROPS Design free ascot pattern (Norwegian) that I used as the main base reference for my scarf. Enjoy! By the way, did I mention that this ascot knits up in a day? ;)
Right now, I'm back to my baby socks again. Wow, I felt awkward with my five 2,5mm double-pointed needles after knitting in the flat on those huge 9mm circular needles! But the socks are perhaps the very best knitting project for hot days - very, very small.

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