Friday, September 10, 2010

Green and white toddler tube socks

You've seen them in black&blue, here's another pair. And let me tell you, these will brighten up any dark and dreary winter's day! That neon green paired with the crisp white gave me an energy kick like few other knitting projects have done before. ;)
I knitted these just slightly tighter than the previous pair, because they seemed much too big for a child of the age specified in the pattern. This is the 12 - 18 months version, and they measure 30 cm in length! I'm excited to see how they will fit.
Here's a better view of the way it looks with the spiralling pattern going in opposite directions. I'm sure I would have gone ever so slightly mad if the spiral went the same way on both socks... ;) Thankfully that was an easy thing to fix! More details on my Ravelry page, or follow this link to the pattern.


  1. For noen knallfarger du har brukt! Kjempe lekre! :D

  2. Love these...they are so colorful :)


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