Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inger 30 years

A very colourful card for a very colourful personality! It's smashing bright, but then so is Inger. :) The papers are BG leftovers from the 6x6 Lime Rickey and Green at Heart pads, I think? The tag is by K&Co. I so love those tags, but always have trouble using them for some reason... The numbers are QK Katie Classic, but I've simply written (!!!) the name with a glittery orange pen. And then I doodled a little. And a little more. And then I wished I hadn't doodled at all. That's how it always goes! When will I learn? Step away from the pen, or the card gets it! ;)
My stash doesn't really contain bright green and orange flowers in abundance, so I went with what I had for this flower cluster. The tiny rose buds were white and coloured with Glimmermist Tiger Lily. And that big one, that's my very last of that kind. They're by North Star Stamps if I remember correctly. I've got to find them again and stock up!

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  1. Herlig fargeklatt! :D
    Godt å se litt kort fra din kant igjen. ;)


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